Wednesday, December 10, 2008

balloons, New York is filled with balloons

So you're a real kid. You like balloons. Really like balloons.
Go to the corner of Park Avenue and 57th street in Manhattan.
450 Park Avenue is the address.
Well, you can't miss it. The balloons!
Two stories high shop windows filled with balloons.
Thousands of them. Some as big as 6 feet.
Computer directed light makes them shift from green through gold to red.
And who came up with such a crazy idea?
Well, I did, actually. Together with Jeroen Bours and Kelly Zuk.
And the agency Hello Darling made it happen.
The owners of the building were the ones who footed the bill of course.
and made the brave decision to let us do it.
Rather brave considering that nothing on this scale's ever been done before.
Not with balloons.
This is art.
Jeroen and Zuk has spent night and day at the site over the last week making sure everything is coming together.
It still wasn't complete when I took the image shown above. That was around 8 PM Wednesday (12/10).

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