Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spot The Flag.

In America the flag is always a part of the landscape.
More so than where I originally come from.

In Sweden, where I grew up,
I mostly associated our blue and yellow flag
with the end of the school year.
And the occasional celebration of something.
Or at half-mast if someone had died.
It represented both joy and sorrow.

We had a tall and proud flagpole in our garden.
Until when I was about 9 or something when a storm broke it off.
My dad left a stump of it standing.
On which he nailed a wood plate for the birds to eat of.
The cat soon took it over.

In the US tall flagpoles are not as common in people's
backyards as they are in many northern European countries.
But most everybody has flagstaffs mounted to their homes.
And those who don't often display a flag inside a window.
Flags are a very common sight all year round, day as night.

In Sweden the flag is supposed to be lowered at sunset.
Here in the US it's a 24 hour thing.

I don't remember clearly but I think the display of the
flag became much more common after 9/11.
It's everywhere, plastered on everything.

I love the American Flag.

Stars. Stripes.
To me it has always represented freedom.

And it is a powerful graphic statement.

I've started to take pictures where the flag plays a part.
It's not neccesarily the key object, but it's always there somewhere.
Here's the first in the series. More to come.
A tribute to the American flag.
I hope Obama will help making this flag
more liked around the world again.

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