Monday, January 5, 2009

Subway exit

A dollar to anyone who knows exactly
where this shot was taken.
Sure, it's NY, and it's Manhattan.
But exactly where?
In art school, during our first photography lesson
the teacher said something
I've never forgotten.
She said: Soon you will see the world as a series of photos.
Through different camera lenses instead of through your eyes.
You will look at things as if you were choosing a lens.
How right that is. And every view changes with the lens.
You can take a series of very different pictures
from exactly the same spot pointing in the same direction.
I remember when I first caught myself thinking
in photos instead of just seeing with pure eyes.
It was on a vacation in the Norwegian fjords.
It was one of those extremely
beautiful views across a fjord.
The water flat like a mirror reflecting a sky
filled with huge clouds
in all shades of gray.
A small white wooden church
sat on a little islet in the middle of the fjord.
The sun cut through the clouds in just one spot
and shot rays of warm light
right onto that little white building.
And the only thing I could think was:
Hey, where's my camera, that's a great shot.
Anyway, the camera was buried
in some bag and
when I finally got it out the film
had no frames left.
The clouds closed,
the magic light was gone.
So here's NY instead.