Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crew cut or a close shave

Neria the Russian barber, in 50 th street if I remember correctly.
Between avenues 8th and 9th.
Haircut $10.
There are actually quite a few of these old barber shops
still left in Manhattan.
I walk passed on in 29th street for a months.
Before we moved offices.
Never photographed it I'm sad to say.
And in Christopher Street there are two of those old shops.
$11.50 for a haircut.
$8.50 for seniors.
For a while it seemed that all those small old fashioned business
would go away to be replaced by some atm bank or Starbucks or Subway.
But since the bankers and the guys in Wall Street robbed
most everyone of their money
perhaps cheap, no bull (no pun intended), old places like these
will get another lease.
For now.

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