Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yellow submarine submerged

Maplewood is generally viewed as a fairly wealthy town.
Albeit not as homogeneous,
thank god, as some well off towns around.
With wealthy I don't mean it's inhabited by rich people,
although I'm sure there are a few.
We're talking mostly middle-class.
Many commuting to NY for work.
There's also a fair share of not se well off families in Maplewood.
Schools are mainly okay, but not problem free.
And the underpass from Maplewood to the train station looks
rather slum-like.
I don't know if it's NJTransit's responsibility or the towns?
Either way it's neglected.
I'm just waiting on the roof to fall in when I pass under.
During rains water is running down the walls, peeling off the
murals. Bit by bit. The yellow submarine is threatened.
As are those of us who commute to NY.

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