Monday, April 27, 2009

mountain high

While I'm deciding what digital
camera to buy as a replacement for
the one that got stolen a few weeks ago,
I'll show some proper film shots.
This one taken with a Hasselblad in
Chile a while back.
Unfortunately I can't quite justify
getting an digital Hasselblad as photography isn't
my everyday occupation.
Besides, it's hard to get that Hasselblad feel even with a
digital Hasselbald as the format isn't the same anyway.
I do have some older digital cameras but somehow
I don't quite feel like taking pictures that might not
be technically okay to begin with.
In case a shot turns out to be nice as a shot and it's of
crap quality technically I'd be rather
pissed with myself.
I might still screw some images up
in post production
due to bad taste or something
but at least
I'd have a decent original frame
if need be for the future.

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