Saturday, May 2, 2009

I don't know what happened

Or actually, I knew what was about to happen.
And I witnessed it unfold.
This was a couple that looked happy and successful together.
They probably were happy for a while.
Successful they were.
I love them both.
Although I do, in fairness, love one of them more.
Goes back a little longer in time.

Yes, they did split up. Shit happens.
Both are artists.
One is a legend.
The other one is working on it but
may never reach the heights of the one who is up there.


I obviously staged this photo.
About ten years ago. I think.

But I had a gut feeling that it was a true image.
No, I don't mean that she was looking at him in distaste
from the background, or that he was sitting alone
in the front distancing himself.
That is not describing what made them split.

The composition could have been reverse.
They were actually magic together.
It was electric. Their combined charisma.
But there was a lack of balance.
And there was a lot of insecurity.
Which is totally human.
Although they looked
super-human together.

Even if you try you can't
read anything of the reason for the split
into this image.

The only thing I knew was that it wasn't forever.
That they weren't really for each other forever.
Which was why I staged the portrait of the two the way I did.

How the actual split came about was as much a surprise to me
as it probably was to either of them as well.

Now you're curious.

It would make a great book.
Not their break-up,
but their lives.
Apart and together.
More colorful people are hard to find.
Despite the black and white image.
They only dress in black and white.
With the odd red accent.
And sometimes white.

Forgive me for being silly.

Yes, some of you will recognize them.
But as I only have like three readers maybe not.

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Lally said...

beautiful shot brother