Friday, May 1, 2009

view from a train window

The NJTransit train from my town in New Jersey
to New York's Penn Station is mostly a ride that shows
some of the bleaker sides of the US.
Swamps filled with garbage
and dumped vehicles rusting away.
Not to mention the victim's of the Sopranos.
Abandoned industrial buildings.
Empty offices in disarray.
We pass Newark.
A city that would have needed another 10 years
of a booming economy to truly recover.
They have started to clean it up. In every sense.
It's a brutal crime-ridden city only minutes
from Manhattan.
Its Mayors have been a long line
of criminals essentially.
Often ending up in court and even jail.
We hope Cory A. Booker, the latest Mayor
is cut differently.
With the new arts center njpac
and a new stadium and many
other projects happening there is hope.
Provided the new bad economy won't put
a break to it all again.

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