Sunday, July 26, 2009

couldn't resist to show him again

The guy was totally oblivious
to the world around him.
As I wrote last time I posted his image
it sounded as if he was
teaching someone self defense.
But somehow,
it also sounded as if he was
acting in a Bruce Lee movie.
With a script beyond bone breaking kicks and punches.
He handed out moral advice on all sort of things
in the process of kicking an imaginary ass.
Frequently using Shakespearian language.
Well, I reckon Shakespeare actually wrote most of
Bruce Lee's movies after all.
As he's sort of co-written most every play ever since.
The fine line between a lunatic and an artist is indeed fine.
Maybe it's just an agent.
I really enjoyed the show.

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Lally said...

Great comment man. A mini-essay on art/so-called "sanity"/Shakespeare and life. Sweet.