Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is old school thinking

The trees
and the landscape.
Been there for a while.
The photo?
Ancient technique.
Not as old as the trees,
not even as old as the guy in the shot.
This is not a digital photograph.
And who cares?
You're watching it on a
computer monitor for heavens sake.
It's shot not on b/w negative film either.
The film I used is no longer in production.
It is a 35 mm polaroid b/w positive film
and you have to develop it in a proprietary
I have the machine, a developer canister for the film,
and a few rolls left.
I'm probably the only one
on this globe with that stuff left.
Oh, I'm sure you can simulate the look
in Photoshop,
and I might.
But sometimes, having to make those
hard decisions before you shoot,
rather than leaving all opportunities open
till later make for some interesting results.
It kind of focuses you.
You have to figure out what film
and look
would best suit the situation.
You have to think ahead.
Or had to.
Because it's no more so.
So perhaps we don't think at all?
We just do.

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