Thursday, October 15, 2009

in a mode for landscapes

I live in a pretty town with many big trees.
30 minutes from Manhattan.
Many trees but no vistas.
House next to house,
streets, and shops and diners and a cinema.
Train station.
A pretty park.
Look across the park.
Busy roads on each side of it.
No real horizon.
Trees. Lots of trees. Behind.
Between all the houses.
The train to NY.
Derelict industrial buildings along the track.
Newark. 15 % unemployment outside the window.
Swamps where the real Sopranoes dump their competitors.
According to rumors.
New York City.
Buildings, buildings, asphalt, concrete, brick.
Cars, trucks, more cars, more trucks.
Red light, green light, jaywalking.
Can't wait, Hurry.
Hurry even if not in a hurry.
Sirens. Look left, look right, don't look up.
Don't look.
the memory of a weekend
with a view.

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Lally said...

pure poetry brother