Thursday, November 19, 2009

are we designed for this?

But it doesn't mean that the irritation level
isn't dangerously high when the trains don't work on schedule.
I'm surprised how well behaved we all are.
With "equipment", as they call it, stuck in the tunnel,
we were told we could walk over to 6th and take
the Path trains instead.
Which I, among many others, eventually did.
Unfortunately this happens more and more often.

The Path has it's own passage under Hudson.
In Hoboken one has to change to a NJT train to continue.
Well, two and half hours later and standing room only we
had made the trip that would normally take half an hour.
By the then the clock was about 11 PM.
And I was probably not the only one
that had left 5 AM in the morning.
It's a rat's life.
Although I'm pretty certain the tailed ones
get more sleep than us.
Albeit living in the same system.

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