Saturday, November 21, 2009


The other day I
was out in the the Bronx.
Shooting a scene for a spot.
The streets are emptier
than in Manhattan.
Life seems harder here.
Only a few subway stops from
Manhattan's ├╝ber rich
Upper East Side.
Where the guy who gave Ponzi
schemes an even worse name lived
in a palace like apartment.
A part of town where people spend more money
on their pets per week than
folks out here earn in a year.
If they earn anything at all that is.
The photo shows the nice looking corner,
the other side of the road is so
depressing that I forgot
to shoot it.
Talking of which.
Despite a safer NY now than 15 or so years ago,
they still shoot quite a bit in areas like this.
You read in the papers of stray bullets killing
young promising students
and innocent grandmother.
Good people who can't afford to live
anywhere else than hell.
The subway is a depressing
cave of rust and broken tiles.
Dripping water and rats.
Total slum.
It's the kind of place that is in depression
no matter the state of the economy.

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