Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hoboken Santa

New Jersey Rail isn't exactly one to give you presents.
Quite the other way.
Living in New Jersey has it's advantages,
It's closer to work in Manhattan
than for most in Brooklyn or Queens,
or Westchester,
not to mention Connecticut.
It's even closer than for many living on Manhattan.
Counting the time it takes to get from A to B.
The problem with NJT however is that trains all too often
tend to break down in the tunnel.
With delays of up to an hour or more as a result.
Before they manage to get the broken equipment
out of the way and replaced with something that works.
This almost always happen when you have a
really important time to meet.
Yesterday, aware of the problem,
I decided to take one earlier train that I would need to.
Hah! As if that would be "safe".
Arriving at Penn Station it was announced my train was cancelled
and so where all other trains.
With delays of more than hour estimated!
The alternative is to rush over to 6th avenue and catch
the Path trains to Hoboken.
And take another train from there.
Yeah, I know, I've written about this before.
So I did go to hoboken. just to miss a train
that would have taken me to where i needed to be in time.
Had to wait close to an hour for the next train.
Trains from Hoboken are not as frequent as from Penn.
The only god thing was that it gave me time to explore
the photo opportunities around the station.
So here's Lackawanna's own Santa.

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Dave Conley said...

I spent many an hour waiting at that Hoboken station, but I never saw Santa. That was between 1991 and 1993, when he'd outsourced New Jersey toy deliveries to a group of Wild Norway rats.

Them, I saw often.