Thursday, January 7, 2010

portrait of an actress named Megan

I've been a bit lazy with
my private photography recently.
I have thousands and thousands
of images not published.
But I kind of like to keep it current.
Everyday stuff I see on my way to work or such.

However, as I haven't posted anything
for a few days I hereby throw in a portrait
I took of one of the actresses in a series of tv spots
we're just finishing.

The shot was taken
in the corridor outside the set.
Very low existing light.
Rather long exposure.
Sometimes it doesn't take a studio
full of lighting equipment,
assistants, and a lot of time.
Just a good sitter.


Lally said...

Beautiful, as all your photos are in their different ways, but this could easily be an update on the classic Hollywood studio glamor shots.

Zuckster said...

I'm with Lally, and with you, found light, open heart and mind, steady shutter finger...