Saturday, January 30, 2010

This one's for Janco

A truck off-loading equipment at Madison Square Garden
one early morning a couple of days ago.
The dog in the driver's seat caught my eye.
It was only when I went through my images just now that
I realized the name on the truck's door is Janco.
Janco was a very good friend of mine.
One of the best.
He drowned in a boat accident many years ago.
They found the boat with his young son in it but Janco missing.
He turned up later.
Dead. Drowned.
Janco was a photographer.
Top league.
I'm not so sure he would have thought much of this photograph as such.
But hey, Janco, this is for you anyway.
It says so.
I miss you dear old friend.
It doesn't totally surprise me you would come back as a truck driving dog.
It's just like you.
You loved driving.

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Lally said...

nice work and comment