Thursday, June 3, 2010

Penn Station 7 AM.

I sometimes go in to
early in the morning
so I can walk around
photographing NY waking up.

Penn station is always a mess.
And because of the constant fear of
terror attacks it's packed with uniformed police,
heavily armed military guys, and of course
plain clad detectives we don't notice.

This is the sad reality of extreme islam.
The police force and the military are not there
to protect us from good old fashioned muggings.
It's not gun slingers from Kansas that threatens New York.
It's not local Blood or Cribs gang members from south Bronx and east New York,
even though they can be nasty enough to meet late nights in the wrong hood.
It's not the child molesting catholic priests.

It's islamic religious fanatics.
I don't know if they really are as deeply religious as they are fanatic.
Fanatic about saying good night to as many of us as possible.

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