Tuesday, January 4, 2011

me, the medical experiment

After years of doing nothing more useful than ads
i'm finally doing something for the humanity.
I think.
I am volunteering in a research project at Bellevue in NY.
They're trying to find support for the hypothesis
that regular blood letting leads to healthier arteries.
Which may lower the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.
I won't go into the details.
Blood donors might benefit.
After a screening a few weeks backs I was considered
worthy of being a suitable subject.
I'm not the only one of course.
I alone wpuldn't be statistically reliable.
Yesterday I spent
7 hours establishing baseline data.
I've never been so thoroughly examined.
Or should I say, my arteries and blood
have never been so thoroughly examined before.
The immediate side effect
was a good one in my case.
They tell you whether you're at risk or not
for a heart attack soon.
Thankfully I am apparently in
pretty good shape internally.
I will not die from anything related
to the function of my arteries any time soon.
Which means I might have the strength to do
a couple of ads this year as well.
Just need to be careful when crossing the road.
Knock on wood.