Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what is left behind

This is what's left
of a beautiful house on
Staten Island, New York.
The house sits right in the middle of an affluent
section of the island.
It's a big house, maybe you could call it a mansion,
but not bigger
than many of houses surrounding it.
And certainly not on the scale of all the new
McMansions that sprung up
before the housing bubble burst.

Judging from the two or more rather
luxurious cars outside the homes
the town is far from on its knees.

This house was once home to
a very successful businessman
and his family.
It's rather strange that this particular house
is left mostly empty
with nobody inhabiting it?

Sure, it would probably be a little costly in upkeep,
but show me one house that isn't.

After having spent a couple of days there
it feels as if the house is a happy house.
I couldn't detect any ghosts.
No bad vibrations.

This house should be active with
small happy feet running around.
And not an exotic location for the odd
fashion photo shoot or rock video.

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