Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the new yorker

The classic massive hotel next to Madison Square Garden.
From an angle most tourists won't see it.
Not even those who stay in it.
Simply because there's really no reason to venture to the area from which I shot this image.
If you don't live or work there.
Not many, if any, bars or restaurants around.
It isn't the prettiest part of New York.
The south part of what is Hell's Kitchen.
I't's not so much a hell nowadays.
Other than if you try get through Lincoln tunnel by car. Traffic jams.
On the positive side there are new residential buildings sprouting where old carriage houses and drug dens are thorn down.
It's getting gentrified in other words.
I don't go there all too often even so.
I just walk around Manhattan looking for the odd angles.
And this evening I happened to attend a party nearby.
And as usual I was armed with my Nikon d700.

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Lally said...

great shot Torre. it captures my experience of angels and scenes in the city I rarely if ever see anyone noticing or sharing. so thanks.