Thursday, February 25, 2010

what a morning

This is NY at it's most depressing, weather-wise.
Water will be leaking into the subway system.
Commuter trains will be delayed.
Taxis will be impossible to flag down.
Shoes will be destroyed.
Socks soaked.
Oh, the smell.
Suits and skirts and coats
will be splashed with dirty slush.
It's the kind of day
when even the most enthusiastic
New Yorkers seriously
start thinking about moving to LA.

hey, bulldog, what are you looking at?

"Hey, don't you talk to me like that.
Come closer, you there with that stupid
camera and I'll bite your leg."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

two job pals

it was a dark and stormy night...
as Snoopy would have begun the story.
Or rather, as the weather reports said;
it was about to become a dark and perhaps snowy night.
We''ll see tomorrow morning if that prediction was true.
True is that the sky
and the cloud shrouded Empire State Building
looked just great as back drop for a snap portrait.
So here's Craig and David.
After a full day of editing and mixing
a couple of radio spots in a studio just around the corner.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new york salmon

8th avenue,
corner 18th str.
I've never eaten there,
but the wall looks rather

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They feed the city

Chinese guys on bicycles
when everybody else hides indoors.
During blizzards, hail storms, down pours,
storms and locust invasions
those are the brave and hardy guys
who keep us all well fed.
This is "our" guy from "our"
neighborhood take-out.
He doesn't even wear gloves.
It'll slow him down
locking and unlocking his bike.
The only other ones braving crap weather
being bicycle thieves.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

poor man, rich man, greenwich village, ny

This poor man is working harder than any
of the guys on wall street.
For cents, not zillions.
He IS doing God's work.
The guy in the window may not be a zillionaire,
he might be the guy who look after the windows?
For cents.
The image presented itself.
Armed with a camera I had no choice but...


Cross Maplewood skier.
Just when I decided
to take a photo
of this "cross" in the snow
this guy came zooming by.
Mental direction.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the new york subway Feb 2, 2010

The New York Times writes:
"Plummeting tax and fare revenues that have been
depressed further by the ailing economy could increase
the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s budget deficit
this year by $650 million, according to a new estimate
made public on Monday.
If the doomsday forecast is borne out,
the authority’s deficit this year
could grow to nearly $2 billion."
In other words, this picture will not look any prettier soon.
Is it time to leave this sinking ship?