Thursday, December 16, 2010

red hot panties

I wonder what it mean?
Or does it just mean
a pair of red panties
hanging out to dry
in a back street in Shanghai?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shanghai is still biking

When I first came to Shanghai,
and Beijing, there were more bicycles than cars.
That can be disputed now.
Traffic jams can last for days.
Thus the bicycle may still
be the best way to get from a-b.
The scary thing is that bicycles mixes freely
with cars on the roads.
The potential for accidents are constant.
I haven't checked the statistics
but it must be rather bad.
At least when cars are actually moving.
Anyway, on the backstreet neighborhoods
the two-wheeler
is still the chosen mode of transportation
for most families.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shanghai eating

One thing I really love about Shanghai
is all the great food you can find most everywhere.
Simple kitchens specializing in a couple of dishes.
Cooking them to perfection.
It should be said though,
I'm rather fond of Chinese food
and Asian food of all kinds.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

john lennon and john from iowa

at strawberry fields
in central park
new york city
outside the dakota
where john
was murdered
another john ?
was kneeling

he put down a drawing
of the mosaic
with the word imagine
in the center
a peace sign

on the mosaic circle

lit a candle
john from iowa?
was kneeling
or was it styx?

"Dear John,
how are you?
God knows It's heaven
where you are
Find some peace there
may it never End
Dear John my heart knows
we'll meet again. - Styx"

quickly it seems,
not neatly,
with a blue ball pen


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Red Christmas

What China and Christmas
have in common,
beside starting with a C in English,
is the generous
use of the color red.
Santa blends in perfectly
in this market on a backstreet
in Shanghai.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

last boy standing

When I was 12 or so years old I
dreamed of being a professional soccer player.
Or football as we call it
in the part of the world where I grow up.

Our club trained twice a week and played
matches on weekends.

Some of us kids played soccer every chance we had.
Lunch break at school, after school, weekends
between matches.

But I went a step further.
I stayed on my own long after everyone had gone home.
Trixing with the ball.
Practicing shooting.
Running with the ball dribbling fantasy opponents.
I ran alone in the forest, up and down hill,
miles after miles.
To build stamina.
I even practiced with the senior team to get stronger.

The picture is of my youngest son.
Now about the age I was back then.
He doesn't quit when the other kids have had enough.

I never had much talent.
I didn't become a professional soccer player.
No matter how hard I tried.
No matter how much I really wanted it.

If I had put all that energy into something
I had talent for
I could have become something
or somebody?

I hope he will.
Maybe he won't be professional soccer player,
although he shows a lot more talent than I did.
But maybe he turns out smarter than me.

For now I just want him to enjoy
what he enjoys most.