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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A murder and a friend.

I am not often a shill for stuff on this blog.

However, a friend of mine spent a couple of years
investigation an unsolved murder case
in his hometown of Chicago
and writing a book about it.
Full disclosure. I designed the cover.

The book is available at Amazon.
"Sympathy Vote".
Here's the blurb:
A dark morning. Waves on Lake Michigan.
An elegant home on the beach. A senatorial candidate who would one day
be considered presidential material at home with his close knit family
in one of Chicago's quietest, most well-to-do suburbs.

This is the unlikely setting for the most notorious, baffling, and horrific cold case murder of the 1960s,
Valerie Percy...pretty, smart, destined for greatness
at just 22 years old, a key aide and campaigner for her father, Charles Percy...
violently beaten and stabbed to death in her bedroom by a knife-wielding intruder.

The only witness - her stepmother. No sexual assault. Nothing taken.
No rational explanation. As inexplicable as the Manson murders
that would occur in the Hollywood Hills a few years later.
The killer escaped to a beach and disappeared into thin air, never to be found.
Percy went on to become a long serving Senator from the state of Illinois.
His late daughter’s twin became the First Lady of West Virginia,
married to West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller.
Glenn Wall revisits the long cold case.
Talking to cops, both retired and current, reporters, friends and Percy’s former aides.
And explores the players, the place, and posits a compelling theory of who did it
- a violent, disturbed individual who was raised within walking distance of Percy's home,
and ultimately died at the hands of his own family.
This is one of the nation’s most enduring cold cases. And it is riveting reading