Friday, November 28, 2008

shake it baby

Madison Square Park. The Flatiron building in view.
Danny Meyer's Shake Shack.
Well, it's a hot dog stand. But way more than that.
Nice typography.
Park tables.
LA style burgers and Chicago Style hot dogs, but NY atmosphere.
It's outdoor. Typical park green tables and chairs. Like Paris, but NY.
You can even have beer or or wine if you find a place in a zone that allows it.
Which might be easier in the winter.
What else do you need?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

the richess of greenwich village

Monday night.
Three photographers.
An obscure gallery of images.
Images by two photographers I know.
And one I hadn't met before.
Fine work.
Three somewhat different takes on our
curiosity with the erotic aspects of mankind.
On one wall small and very sharp and detailed images of navels, pubic hair, eyes and a glans.
Revealing in their close-up ugliness.
Too close to be comfortable.
Still we poked closely at those images of body parts
we'd never even wouldn't want to
be close to. The limited size of the images forced us close.
The other wall was coverd in larger images.
Images of women in situations suggesting, mostly,
the oldest trade known to man.
Black and white. Grainy. Raw. Brutal. Sad.
Upstairs a projector
of rather erotic images of an asian girl.
Rather aesthetic and pleasant in contrast.
Lustful even.
Not dirty.
Mostly color.
Would color have made the other two exhibits less
More accessible?
No. I don't think so.
It might have made them.....

Here's an image of Gerhard Joren.
One of the three.
His day work is slightly different.
Perhaps showing as much sleaze.
But not obviously so.
He is a famed photographer of politicians and other
creatures of power.
Traveling the world. One day Washington DC. Another day Paris.
He's working for some of the foremost publishers in the world.
A party with friends.
In a gallery in Greenwich Village, New York City.
Showing images you'd never see in New York Times or the Star Ledger.
I think this side of his art adds a dimension to his day work.

blue in the face

On the corner of 57th and Park Avenue.

Friday, November 21, 2008

those were the days

It wasn't long ago that you could
sit on the stairs of the post office
in front of Penn Station.
Well, you still can, but you'll freeze your rear off.
The view isn't worth it.
Penn Station with Madison Square Garden on top
is probably one of the worlds ugliest sights.
You're better off standing with your back
towards MSG looking at the post office.
It wasn' always like this.
Before, Penn station was as grand
and beautiful as Grand Central Station was and is.
The original Pennsylvania Station was torn
down as it was deemed unprofitable.
Somehow I think the whole area would have
been of higher value today if they had preserved the
original building.
It was something to look at.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Morning New York

This is where
hundreds of thousands of
New Yorkers and people working in
the city get their breakfast.
Those carts are cheap, good, friendly and everywhere.
These guys are experts at knowing their customers habits.
And they must have thousands every day.
Many of which are regulars.
I just show up. No need to say anything.
They don't know my name,
but they do know how to make my coffee.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't follow the signs

The right thing to do is
to ignore everything and everyone
that tells you to go back, left, right or straight.
Go up. Climb.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The other side

If you live in New York
New Jersey is the dark side.
It's Soprano land.
For real.
It has swamps where they bury each other.
And industrial waste.
It's ugly as hell.
It has Newark,
one of the most dangerous
cities in America.
Apparently it has only one movie theater.
It's only minutes away form Manhattan.
Of course, New Jersey is also one of
the richest states the U.S.A.
with super tony towns such as Short Hills.
With its Famous Short Hills Malls.
That's where the rich shop
for Gucci, Prada and Brioni.
New Jersey has Princeton.
It was home to Thomas Alva Edison.
Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are from Jersey.
So was Frank Sinatra.
And numerous others of world fame.
Newark was once one the best cities in the US to live in.
The last three mayors ended up in jail.
The new one is doing well so far and perhaps
he's not like the others.
It started to look better.
That was before the economy imploded.
Now we don't know what's
going to happen.
Before when rents in Manhattan
was going through the roof
Newark started to look like
a viable alternative.
That money may not be going
the way of Newark now when
it's possible to find a decent pad
for decent money in NYC again.
For those who can still afford to live anywhere
with a roof over head.

It's everywhere

I work in the area around The Empire State building.
I must have thousands of photos of it by now.
I'm almost made it a sport to try to find a different view.
Here it is as seen from 34th street outside Macy's.

Monday, November 17, 2008

the next generation

My youngest son, playing the guitar.
I'm blessed with musical children.

I was never much of a musician myself.
I practice. To no avail.
It's that little extra that's missing.
And when I get up on a stage I kind of freeze.
I don't seem to have enough confidence
to be able to express myself.
As I sometimes can when
I'm playing alone,
late at night,
in the dark,
when nobody listens.

That's when I play the blues.

If I could choose a life and a talent
I would be a brilliant musician.

No, I'm not going to force my children to become
what I did not.

Everyone has the right to his own life.
Although, that said, very few of us actually
get to chose when it comes down to it.
We become something without having much of a say.
It all seems rather random.
Most of us become what our parents were.
Or close to.
And as far as parents go it's all a lottery.
Most children are born in places where life is hard.
Real hard.

My parents are both dead.
I loved them.
I don't think I ever told them so.
They were in all honesty not very successful in life.
They were good people. Perhaps too good. Too generous.
Perhaps to weak to succeed?
Success is in no small part a matter of beating others. To it.
Whether getting ahead in business,
or succeeding in music.
Talent notwithstanding.

I tell my children everyday I love them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York people passing by

30th street, north side,
just a couple of steps east off 8th avenue on Manhattan.
I've past by there, I don't know, a hundred times?
Never did I see that building.
Despite the fact that I walk around with my eyes wide open,
mostly looking more like a tourist than a
person who lives and work here.
I almost always carry a camera as well.
Looking for pictures.
New York is now, after many years here, very familiar to me.
Everything gets normal after a while.
But when I look closely I still see a new New York every day.
Things that don't even look as if they would be New York.
Or maybe only in New York?
In Queens, which is the most diverse borough in New York City,
approximately 138 languages are spoken
according to the NY State Comptroller.
I stood across the street taking pictures for about 5 minutes.
Here they are.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

i'm baaaaack

Well, at this stage I'm sure I've lost all my three regular visitors.
But i'll give it a try nevertheless. Happy Halloween.