Saturday, June 29, 2013

handy iphone

Excuse the pun.
I never use the iPhone to take "real" pictures.
Other than street signs where I parked the car.
Or other things I need to remember for a little while.
So I never actually saved any of the images.
Well, I did a test the other day.
Actually, if you don't need a really large image file
the iphone works pretty well.
No wonder photographers can't make a living nowadays.
Won't go into all the details of costly professional equipment etc.
But a decent photographer can actually create pretty decent images with an iPhone,
provided natural light is good enough.
If there is no need for a large file.
Like for a website for example.
Well, photographers will have a hard time
charging a decent fee
even for the nicest image
if it's not a paparazzi type of image
of some celebrity misbehaving.

Monday, June 3, 2013