Tuesday, January 31, 2012

roadside fridge

Take a fridge and a chair and set up shop along the road. Much nicer than an automatic vending machine. On a road on Lamma Island, Hongkong. By the way, there are no private cars on Lamma. Just bicycles.

a city view a view

Lantau seen from Lamma.

empty hongkong

If you get up early enough an usually packed street can be completely empty. Even in Hongkong. I find the experience almost surreal. And beautiful. I've always loved early mornings in cities.

Monday, January 30, 2012

wai keung rock star

Wai Keung is a brilliant artist and designer. And a true mensch. He helped me out on a recent shoot in HK. I don't know exactly what he does here, other than taking close up photos of something. He explained it to me, of course I forgot, but it involves shots of rocks. Tourists shoot the view. Wai Keung shoots the rocks. And I shoot a guy shooting rocks.

fork in the road

Lamma Island Hongkong. 20 minutes by ferry from the main island. 100 years apart .

Southern France? No, it's Hongkong!

I find Hongkong one of the most interesting places on earth. A modern vibrant city and one of the busiest ports in the world. But also beautiful countryside with miles and miles of hiking trails, fantastic islands, dramatic mountains, hideaway beaches and small charming villages where time seems to have stood still. Plus the best food in the world. Nice people too by the way.

romance in HK

On the ferry back to HK Island from Lamma Island.

red light district in hongkong

hongkong butcher

art gallery in soho hongkong

Peaking through a window.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A dark and rainy night in new jersey

Somewhere in the Oranges, New Jersey. 

An area unfortunately
plagued by low employment 
and a rather high level of crime.

It was on its way up when the recession hit 
like a sledge hammer.

Once, long ago, it was a very vibrant area, 
with lots of manufacturing jobs.

It's less than 30 mintues from Manhattan by train or car.

The area has plenty of old factory spaces that could be turned into 
great "lofts" to live in. Or for studios, galleries and restaurants.

There's a pocket called The Valley Arts District which houses the excellent restaurant and music joint Hat City Kitchen and a (hopefully) growing number of galleries.
Other organizations like Hands are also working on revitalizing the area.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

life is short

Why do we have grave yards? To make life last longer than us? This image was taken from a bus in Hongkong. Traveling from Aberdeen to Wanchai. It's in Pok Fu Lam. One of many beautiful part so of Hongkong. Some apartment buildings are very close to the grave yard. You can see the tombstones from you bedroom window.